Pricing And Shipping

Our Guarantee

We guarantee our puppies against life-threatening genetic problems. They will be genetically healthy, or you get a replacement puppy.

We also guarantee our dogs against temperament flaws. Dogs we breed and sell are to be good family dogs and trustworthy with children or YOU DON’T KEEP IT.

We DO NOT want any dogs around children that aren’t trustworthy. As long as you have trustworthy children, your puppy from Powder Valley Poodles is guaranteed to be trustworthy as well.

What we ask for in return is that you:

  • Socialize your puppy
  • Obedience-train your puppy
  • Make your puppy a member of the family, NOT just an outside pet
  • Feed only a good quality dog food as recommended in our contract.

Not doing the above will void our guarantee.


Puppies to be shipped to new homes at nine weeks unless the laws in their state dictate otherwise.

Owners of shipped puppies are responsible for all shipping costs.

We have used United Cargo with great success. Prices of shipping your puppy via the airlines will depend on many factors, but you can usually count on the price (including crate, health certificate, transport to the Denver airport by courier and flight ticket for the puppy) being on us 


Deposits to hold a puppy are only refundable if we can not supply the type of puppy you have requested. IE, not enough girls or boys in a litter or all the puppies are black and the deposit is specifically on a red puppy. People who change their mind or purchase a puppy elsewhere will not have deposits returned.
Deposits are:
$300 on toy and miniature poodle puppies
$250 on all other puppies.

Payment Terms

We accept cash, personal checks if the check is delivered at least two weeks prior to the puppy leaving the premises, and we accept all major credit cards
However, with the exception of first deposits and stud fees for shipped semen, a 4{41a86ad2af6ab20c08f0ec440d486c7f44a7462f546e97187ced11f4494cec12} handling charge will be added to each credit card transaction.
We DO  accept cashier’s checks, money orders or personal checks on the day the puppy is to leave the premises.

Pricing by Breed

  • Toy Poodle puppies $1200 to $1500 (male puppies are less expensive than female puppies, and solid-colored dogs are less expensive than the more unusual colors)
  • Miniature Poodle puppies $1200 to $1500.
  • Moyen puppies (a bit bigger than miniature but smaller than the American standard poodle)  $1200 to $1500
  • Standard Poodle puppies  $1200 to $1500. Based on color and conformation.
  • Toy Goldendoodle puppies  $1200 to $1500
  • Miniature Goldendoodle puppies $1200 to $1500
  • Standard Goldendoodle puppies  $1200 to $1500
  •             50 percent  off may apply  depending  on when you  contact 

Follow this link to: Available Puppies, and then please contact Farfan for an interview.