About US

FAR FAN POODLE FARM is a small, home-based, licensed toy poodle
breeding program with an emphasis on tiny toy and teacup
sizes. We take pride in offering quality pets. Generally, we
have about twelve teacup poodles, tiny toy poodles and toy
poodles in our breeding family. We’re a mother and daughter
team in separate homes and we collaborate on our breeding
program. We are not a puppy mill and do not treat our dogs as
“products”; they are treasured friends and companions who are
an important part of our families. All of our dogs and puppies
are raised in our homes with a lot of love and socialization. In
turn, we do our best to match our puppies with compatible
families who can provide a good environment for each dog and
his/her individual needs.

We strive to reproduce desirable companion traits, as well as
attractive and healthy qualities. We do not inbreed and there
is no mixed breeding in our program. We offer only pure bred
Toy Poodles for sale. All of our dogs are AKC or APRI
registered and we offer full registration, so there is no
limitation on your ability to breed your dog.

Your new friend will be current on all shots and deworming and
will be groomed (including dew claws removed and tails docked
30{41a86ad2af6ab20c08f0ec440d486c7f44a7462f546e97187ced11f4494cec12}.) He or she will also have complete health records so that
you and your vet can continue to provide excellent care for
your new family member. We also offer a limited health
guarantee for puppies.

We breed toy poodles because we love their personalities,
enjoy their companionship, and take pleasure in being able to
provide others with a pet that enhances their quality of life.
Our dogs are valued friends and family members and we hope
you find that same great relationship with your pet, as well.

Thank you for visiting our site.
We look forward to hearing from you.

About Us

We are a licensed, reputable breeder  specialized  in Toy Poodles, Tiny Toy Poodles,
and Teacup Poodles bred for companion traits. We typically have Toy Poodle Puppies in a variety of colors,
including: Cream, Black, Parti, Phantom, Chocolate, Apricot, Red, White, Silver and more!
We are the best place to find a Toy Poodle Puppy for sale 

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